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Development for leaders
and self-organizing teams 

We have developed a unique method called the Go Big Model, which helps leaders and their teams stay at the forefront of information technology and innovation.


We focus on enhancing their energy, creativity, leadership, and productivity, enabling them to achieve outstanding results.


The Go Big Model makes the development process easy, engaging, and effective.

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The main idea 

The main idea of the Go Big Model is that there are three important components forming a unified system.


They can enhance positive mutual influence and generate synergy. However, they can also negatively affect each other, leading to reduced effectiveness and a deteriorating emotional background.

To understand the mutual influence of the three components of the unified system, each of them is assessed in 8 areas that impact the effectiveness and well-being of the team.

The assessment results enable the launch of a continuous improvement program at all levels. They provide a structured approach to team development and accelerate the process of their transformation and growth.

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Портрет с выстрелом в голову

By aligning the three components in the right way, outstanding results can be achieved.

  • The ability to find excellent solutions to complex situations while remaining true to one’s values.

  • A strong reserve of determination and a desire for new achievements.

  • Feeling confident, sincere, and enjoying work and communication.

  • High performance with economical use of energy and resources.


Our teams 

International experts in organizational development, business trainers, and coaches who are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) form a real dream team of professionals capable of inspiring, supporting, and helping clients achieve their goals.

Our team is united by international experience, deep knowledge, and a passion for helping people become a better version of themselves.

We collaborate with companies that envision their future in innovative development and link financial results to high synergy within their teams.

We have experience working with companies such as:

Mars, Inc. | Google | Novartis Corporation | Chevron | Align Technology | IBM | AppsFlyer | Colgate-Palmolive | HP Inc.  and ect.

“In business, every day, every month is a race for results and numbers. But sometimes it’s important to pause and think objectively: are all actions and decisions leading to results? Or are they potentially harmful and leading to time loss?

It’s very difficult to answer these questions alone. Working with a specialist in this situation is the best remedy. Tatiana, a certified coach, creates a team that operates as a single entity. After working together using the proposed method, each of us was inspired and ready for collective action.

This was a crucial decision for our business”.

Head of Sales at Crystalia Glass LLC, Brooklyn, NY


Exceptional Effectiveness

We collaborate with Team Leaders, Project and VIP Managers, R&D Managers, and C-level executives (CEOs, etc.) worldwide as partners who share common values and perspectives on development amidst uncertainty and transformation.

We exclusively employ an exceptionally effective methodology. Its unique advantages lie in its Simplicity and Innovation.

Simplicity: Our unique development technology doesn't require delving deeply into personal traits but instead relies on leveraging the best qualities for rapid progress. Our approach makes the development process light and unobtrusive, preserving the individuality of each leader.

Innovation: The approach combines international standards, integrated development tools, and flexible methods of communication and knowledge exchange.

Go Big: stages of team development

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Our Services

"Development potential assessment"


Development Potential Assessment

"Mapping of growth"


Team Development Plan Creation

"Fast Breakthrough"


• Team sessions;

• Training workshops for  development competency;

• Individual and team coaching.

Development zones

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Personal Development

In the realm of personal development, our clients clarify their values and beliefs. They enhance self-regulation skills, improve communication, and find balance between personal and professional life. Their achievements not only strengthen confidence and happiness but also assist them in reaching high levels of success in both life and work.

Development of Self-Organizing Teams

We assist teams in developing self-organization skills by building trust, clearly defining team perspectives, facilitating effective communication, and fostering readiness for action. This process stimulates the growth of both the individual potential of each team member and the collective effectiveness of the team as a whole."

Organizational Development

As leaders and teams become catalysts for corporate development, the quality of work improves, decision-making processes accelerate, time spent on task execution decreases, and the level of innovation and creativity within the organization increases. Ultimately, this contributes to more successful goal achievement and strengthens the organization's competitiveness in the market.

We collaborate with our clients to develop synergy between their professional achievements and personal harmony and happiness.

Using the Go Big Model, leaders in the IT and innovation sectors:

  1. Experience a significant increase in their energy, creativity in problem-solving, influence, and leadership.

  2. Establish and nurture self-organizing teams capable of succeeding in ambitious projects and becoming catalysts for corporate development.

  3. Achieve a balance between exceeding performance metrics and the level of happiness within the managed team


How to interact try the Go Big Model?

We actively collaborate with partners in different countries to make highly effective team development methods as accessible as possible.

If you or your company are involved in coaching and other psychological support services for clients, provide services for cultural transformation and organizational development, as well as consult companies on personnel development aspects, we are always open to establishing a partnership.

The Go Big Model Partnership Network

DOO Proxima Ultra, Serbia

IMIBA, Russia

Global Research and Consulting, Uzbekistan


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