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Process mining is an IT technology that enables organizations to automatically obtain digital twins of real processes, predict their behavior, analyze them, and get recommendations for their optimization.
Unlike traditional methods (BPM), when it takes months to get a process model and analyze it, the recommendations are subjective and there is no predictive analytics, process mining is revolutionizing process management.


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Take the Training Course on "Process Mining: Basics of Process Analysis"

Unique training on process mining basics in digital environment of Proxima Vision.

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Use Proxima Vision to better understand and manage organizational processes.

Welcome to Proxima Vision software that helps to analyze and optimize business processes.

According to Gartner’s forecasts, the growth rate of the rapidly growing process mining market will be 30% by 2030. Companies in different industries are turning to process mining to improve their operations and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.


Problem and Solution

Companies are facing a number of challenges when it comes to their business processes. These problems may include insufficient process traceability, low productivity, and difficulty of making decisions without sufficient justification. Proxima Vision helps companies overcome these challenges by providing real-time visibility of processes, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and generating analytical data and forecasts that allow to take informed decisions.

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Target Market

Proxima Vision is focused on companies that strive to improve their operations and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. It is used by a whole range of industries, including wholesale and retail trade, engineering, woodworking, banking, etc. 

Its unique combination of cutting-edge algorithms and easy-to-use interface allows non-technical users to easily understand and analyze their processes.

Offer to customers

Go Big, which has the rights to represent Proxima Vision in Europe and Asia, offers its customers various options for using this solution:


Access to the solution for a limited period of time to get acquainted with the functionality


Project implementation in order to analyze the process and determine ways to optimize it.


Connection to the IP, regular monitoring and improvement of the process.

Characteristics and advantages 

Proxima Vision offers a number of features and benefits that set it apart in the process mining market. These include an excellent user interface, ease of use, ML and AI components, modern algorithms, rapid deployment, as well as ready-made analytical panels and predicting the impact on the process. These functions allow Proxima Vision to provide customers with increased efficiency, cost reduction and objectivity in the decision-making process

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Proxima Vision


Information about the solution, functionality and application experience

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Partnership offer

We are also interested in partnering with IT integrators, consulting companies and educational institutions of the CIS countries for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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