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For people and companies              with big goals

For more than 10 years we have been providing our resources and developments for companies that have strategic goals and capabilities to change. The leadership of these companies is the key to breakthrough results supported by our methodologies.

Our efforts are focused on developing solutions and methods that contribute to the acquisition of competencies and the improvement of organizational processes.


Work Directions 

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Development of Learning Technologies 

The pace of technological development and enrichment of cultures should be supported by a high rate of competency acquisition by organizations, people and communities. We are constantly developing new approaches and improving learning methods.

We share our experience with educational institutions and corporate universities. Our Challenge Education technology allows us to significantly increase the speed of mastering management skills. It also allows us to radically change the training of business trainers.

If you are interested in this method, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

Training and exchange of experience 

Our experts' active educational activities have already been going on for more than 15 years. More than five thousand listeners have taken our courses, and we have provided educational services to more than three hundred corporate clients.

We also offer individual customers to use our educational services and take a course of their chosen program. Another direction of our work is to organize exchange trips.

We always stand out for our individual approach and attentiveness to customers' wishes. You can get more information in the corresponding section of the website.

Process Optimization 

Throughout our work period, we have been continuously focused on helping our clients optimize their processes. For this, our experts use technologies such as Quality Management System (ISO), Lean Six Sigma, BPM and others.

In the area of process optimization, we cannot lag behind the modern development of technologies. That is why lately, we actively use and popularize the digital process mining technology.

Our specialists actively participate in consultations with the Proxima Vision team. We hope that the application of process mining will also make the process of optimization exciting and inspiring for you.


We invite associations of entrepreneurs and educational institutions to partnership. We also welcome IT and consulting companies.


Our partners



  • Capability S.R.O. (Czech)
  • Konsultantske aktivnosti u vezi sa poslovanjem (Serbia)
  • Databorn (Kazakhstan)
  • High Tech for Human (Kazakhstan)
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